The analytic project.

Online analyses for the study of ancient texts.

About the project.

My analytic project is a less organized counterpart for my synoptic project.

Most of the ancient texts that I present on this website are in the form of my own informal notes. The texts are unversified; those in Greek are unaccented, those in Hebrew unpointed.

My showcase texts, however, I present more formally. They are accented, pointed, versified, and often marked up or even colored. I divide my showcase texts into two kinds, namely synoptic and analytic. The synoptic texts are synopses of the three synoptic gospels. The analytic texts may be any text whatsoever. The former is a much more limited category than the latter.

Some of the parallels on each analytic page may not be showcase texts; their presentation will be in notes of some kind.

In addition to versification and textual marks, each analytic text may also be color-coded, broken into chiasms or phrases, marked up with bracketed letters or numbers for reference, or worked over in any other manner befitting the presentation of the text.

I plan to offer the following features in my analyses:

  • The showcase passages will be versified and accented or pointed.
  • A (very) rudimentary apparatus may accompany each passage.
  • An English translation will accompany each passage.
  • After the passages are laid out, notes will follow on a separate page, each distinct entry marked by a section marker §.
  • These notes are not showcase texts; their Greek will be unaccented, their Hebrew unpointed.
  • Parallels from both Jewish and Christian texts will be adduced in the notes.
  • The notes will never be completed. There is always more to annotate. I reserve the right to add more comments at any time.

Analytic pages.

So far the analyses available on this site are the following:

My textual interfaces are also analytic texts: