The annunciation.

Luke 1.26-38.

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Notes and quotes.

§ Justin Martyr, Dialogue 100.5:

Παρθενος γαρ ουσα Ευα και αφθορος, τον λογον τον απο του οφεως συλλαβουσα, παρακοην και θανατον ετεκε· πιστιν δε και χαραν λαβουσα Μαρια η παρθενος ευαγγελιζομενου αυτη Γαβριηλ αγγελου οτι πνευμα κυριου επ αυτην επελευσεται και δυναμις υψιστου επισκιασει αυτην, διο και το γεννωμενον εξ αυτης αγιον εστιν υιος θεου, απεκρινατο· Γενοιτο μοι κατα το ρημα σου.

For Eve, being a virgin and uncorrupted, having conceived the word from the serpent, bore disobedience and death. But the virgin Mary, having received faith and joy when the angel Gabriel evangelized to her that the spirit of the Lord would come upon her and the power of the highest would overshadow her, on which account also the holy thing born from her is the son of God, replied: May it happen to me according to your word.

Apology 1.33.4-5:

Το ουν· Ιδου, η παρθενος εν γαστρι εξει σημαινει ου συνουσιασθεισαν την παρθενον συλλαβειν· ει γαρ εσυνουσιασθη υπο οτουουν, ουκ ετι ην παρθενος· αλλα δυναμις θεου επελθουσα τη παρθενω επεσκιασεν αυτην, και κυοφορησαι παρθενον ουσαν πεποιηκε.

The phrase, then: Behold, the virgin shall be with child, signifies that a virgin should become pregnant without having been with [a man]. For if she had been with any one at all she was no longer a virgin; but the power of God came upon the virgin and overshadowed her, and made her while yet a virgin to conceive.

Και ο αποσταλεις δε προς αυτην την παρθενον κατ εκεινο του καιρου αγγελος θεου ευηγγελισατο αυτην ειπων· Ιδου, συλληψη εν γαστρι εκ πνευματος αγιου και τεξη υιον, και υιος υψιστου κληθησεται, και καλεσεις το ονομα αυτου Ιησουν, αυτος γαρ σωσει τον λαον αυτου απο των αμαρτιων αυτων, ως οι απομνημονευσαντες παντα τα περι του σωτηρος ημων Ιησου Χριστου εδιδαξαν, οις επιστευσαμεν, επειδη και δια Ησαιου του προδεδηλωμενου το προφητικον πνευμα τουτον γεννησομενον, ως προεμηνυομεν, εφη.

And the angel of God who was sent to the same virgin at that season evangelized, saying: Behold, you shall be with child from the holy spirit and shall bear a son, and he will be called the son of the highest, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins, as those who have made memoirs of all things about our savior Jesus Christ taught, in whom we put faith, since also through Isaiah, whom we have mentioned before, the prophetic spirit said that he should be born as we noted before.

§ Papyrus Cairensis 10735:

Αγγελος κυριου ελαλησεν· Ιω[σηφ ...] παραλαβε Μαριαν την γ[υναικα σου...] φευγε εις Αιγυπτον και [...] ιοβι[...] ρ[...] παν δωρον, και εαν [...] φιλους αυτου καθ[...] βασιλεως Λ[...] ειο[....] ερμηνευκετω σοι. ο [δε] [...] φησι τη παρθενω· Ιδου, [... η συγ]γενης σου και αυτη συν[... εκτο]ς εστι μην αυτη τη κα[λουμενη .... εν] τω εκτω, ο εστιν [Θωθ, μηνι η μ{ητ}ηρ αρα Ιω]αννην συνελαβε. [... προκηρυσ]σειν τον αρχιστρα[τηγον ...Ιωαννην το]ν οικετην προβαδι- [...] παρουσιας [κυριου ....]

The angel of the Lord spoke: Jo[seph ...] take Mary the w[ife of yours ...] flee into Egypt and [...] every gift, and if [...] his friends [...] of the king [...] let him interpret for you. [And] the [...] says to the virgin: Behold [... the kins]woman of yours, and she [... sixt]h month it is for her wh[o is] [called .... in] the sixth [mon]th, which is [Thoth,] [the m{oth}er] conceived [Jo]hn. [... to herald before]hand the archistra[tegus.... John was th]e servant who was to go be[fore ...] the advent [of the Lord ....]

§ From Hippolytus, Refutation 7.14, writing of Basilides:

Τουτο εστι, φησι, το ειρημενον· Πνευμα αγιον επελευσεται επι σε, το απο της υιοτητος δια του μεθοριου πνευματος επι την ογδοαδακαι την εβδομαδα διελθον μεχρι της Μαριας, και δυναμις υψιστου επισκιασει σοι, η δυναμις της κρισεως απο της ακρωρειας ανωθεν του δημιουργου μεχρι της κτισεως, ο εστι του υιου.

This is, he says, that which is spoken: The holy spirit shall come upon you, that which came away from the sonship through the coterminous spirit upon the ogdoad and the hebdomad, up to Mary, and the power of the most high shall overshadow you, the power of judgment from the height from above, the demiurge, up to the creation, that is, the son.