The appearance to Mary Magdalene (and another Mary).

Matthew 28.9-10 = Mark 16.9  (John 20.11-17).

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Notes and quotes.

§ It is worth pointing out for those interested in christological titles in the Christian church that in John 20.15-16, when Mary thinks she is speaking to a mere gardener, she addresses him as κυριος, or lord (though sir might better convey the meaning to the modern ear). Then, when she realizes that it is Jesus, it is ραββουνι that she uses, or my master.

§ Matthew 28.10 (John 20.17), in having Jesus speak of his brethren in the first person (my brethren), may echo Psalm 22.22 (21.23 LXX):

אספרה שמך לאחי בתוך קהל אהללך׃

Διηγησομαι το ονομα σου τοις αδελφοις μου· εν μεσω εκκλησιας υμνησω σε.

I will relate your name to my brethren; in the midst of the church I will sing hymns to you.

§ Visions of the dead: Samuel; Elijah and Moses (at the transfiguration); Peter (or his angel) mistakenly in Acts 12.15; Ignatius in the martyrdom by his name.