The birth pangs (or signs from heaven).

Matthew 24.4-8 = Mark 13.5-8 = Luke 21.8-11.

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Notes and quotes.

§ I note the following agreements of Matthew and Luke against Mark:

  1. Matthew 24.4 and Luke 21.8 use the aorist ειπεν where Mark 13.5 has the historic present λεγει.
  2. Matthew 24.5 and Luke 21.8 use a γαρ where Mark 13.6 has no corresponding word.
  3. Matthew 24.6 and Luke 21.9 likewise use a γαρ where Mark 13.7 has no corresponding word.
  4. Matthew 24.7 and Luke 21.11 join national strife to natural disasters with a και, while Mark 13.8 starts a new sentence.

§ Didache 6.1-2:

Ορα μη τις σε πλανηση απο ταυτης της οδου της διδαχης, επει παρεκτος θεου σε διδασκει. ει μεν γαρ δυνασαι βαστασαι ολον τον ζυγον του κυριου, τελειος εση, ει δ ου δυνασαι, ο δυνη, τουτο ποιει.

See that no one deceives you from this way of teaching, since he teaches you apart from God. For if you can bear up the whole yoke of the Lord, you are perfect, but if you cannot, do what you can.

§ Barnabas 4.3:

Το τελειον σκανδαλον ηγγικεν, περι ου γεγραπται, ως Ενωχ λεγει· Εις τουτο γαρ ο δεσποτης συντετμηκεν τους καιρους και τας ημερας, ινα ταχυνη ο ηγαπημενος αυτου και επι την κληρονομιαν ηξη.

The last scandal has drawn near, about which it is written, as Enoch says: For this reason the master has cut off the seasons and the days, in order that his beloved one might hasten and come upon the inheritance.

§ Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho 82.1-2:

Παρα γαρ ημιν και μεχρι νυν προφητικα χαρισματα εστιν, εξ ου και αυτοι συνιεναι οφειλετε οτι τα παλαι εν τω γενει υμων οντα εις ημας μετετεθη. ονπερ δε τροπον και ψευδοπροφηται επι των παρ υμιν γενομενων αγιων προφητων ησαν, και παρ ημιν νυν πολλοι εισι και ψευδοδιδασκαλοι, ους φυλασσεσθαι προειπεν ημιν ο ημετερος κυριος, ως εν μηδενι υστερεισθαι ημας, επισταμενους οτι προγνωστης ην των μετα την αναστασιν αυτου την απο των νεκρων και ανοδον την εις ουρανον μελλοντων γινεσθαι ημιν.

For even until now the prophetic gifts are with us, from which you yourselves ought also to understand that the things that were formerly among your race have been transferred to us. And, in the same way as there were even false prophets at the same time as your holy prophets, even with us now there are also many false teachers, of whom our Lord foretold us to be on guard, as in nothing are we deficient, since we know that he foreknew the things that were about to happen to us after his resurrection from the dead and proceeding to heaven.

Ειπε γαρ οτι φονευεσθαι και μισεισθαι δια το ονομα αυτου μελλομεν, και οτι ψευδοπροφηται και ψευδοχριστοι πολλοι επι τω ονοματι αυτου παρελευσονται και πολλους πλανησουσιν· οπερ και εστι.

For he said we would be murdered and hated on account of his name, and that many false prophets and false Christs would come along in his name and deceive many, which has happened.