Coming on the clouds.

Matthew 24.29-31 = Mark 13.24-27 = Luke 21.25-28.

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Notes and quotes.

§ I note the following agreements of Matthew and Luke against Mark:

  1. Matthew 24.29 and Luke 21.26 have αι δυναμεις των ουρανων (the powers of the heavens), while Mark 13.25 has αι δυναμεις αι εν τοις ουρανοις (the powers in the heavens).
  2. Matthew 24.29 and Luke 21.27 both say that the son of man will come μετα δυναμεως και δοξης πολλης (with power and great glory), but Mark 13.26 says that he will come μετα δυναμεως πολλης και δοξης (with great power and glory).

§ The phrase οψονται τον υιον του ανθρωπου ερχομενον (they shall see the son of man coming) in Matthew 24.30 = Mark 13.26 = Luke 21.27 is repeated and transposed in Matthew 26.64 = Mark 14.62; Matthew 16.28 (confer Mark 9.1 = Luke 9.27).

§ Paul in 1 Thessalonians 4.16-17:

Οτι αυτος ο κυριος εν κελευσματι, εν φωνη αρχαγγελου και εν σαλπιγγι θεου, καταβησεται απ ουρανου, και οι νεκροι εν Χριστω αναστησονται πρωτον, επειτα ημεις οι ζωντες οι περιλειπομενοι αμα συν αυτοις αρπαγησομεθα εν νεφελαις εις απαντησιν του κυριου εις αερα· και ουτως παντοτε συν κυριω εσομεθα. ωστε παρακαλειτε αλληλους εν τοις λογοις τουτοις.

Because the Lord himself, with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, will descend from heaven, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Afterward we who are alive and remain will be raptured up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and thus we will be with the Lord for all time.

§ Didache 9.4:

Ωσπερ ην τουτο κλασμα διεσκορπισμενον επανω των ορεων και συναχθεν εγενετο εν, ουτω συναχθητω σου η εκκλησια απο των περατων της γης εις την σην βασιλειαν, οτι σου εστιν η δοξα και η δυναμις δια Ιησου Χριστου εις τους αιωνας.

Just as this loaf was scattered over the mountains and was collected and became one, so let your church be collected from the ends of the earth into your kingdom, since yours is the glory and the power through Jesus Christ unto the ages.

Didache 10.5:

Μνησθητι, κυριε, της εκκλησιας σου του ρυσασθαι αυτην απο παντος πονηρου και τελειωσαι αυτην εν τη αγαπη σου, και συναξον αυτην απο των τεσσαρων ανεμων, την αγιασθεισαν εις την σην βασιλειαν ην ητοιμασας αυτη, οτι σου εστιν η δυναμις και η δοξα εις τους αιωνας.

Remember, Lord, your church, to rescue it from all evil and perfect it in your love, and collect it from the four winds, sanctified for your kingdom which you made ready for it, since yours is the power and the glory unto the ages.

Didache 16.6-8:

Και τοτε φανησεται τα σημεια της αληθειας, πρωτον σημειον εκπετασεως εν ουρανω, ειτα σημειον φωνης σαλπιγγος, και το τριτον αναστασις νεκρων, ου παντων δε, αλλ ως ερρεθη· Ηξει ο κυριος και παντες οι αγιοι μετ αυτου. τοτε οψεται ο κοσμος τον κυριον ερχομενον επανω των νεφελων του ουρανου.

And then shall appear the signs of the truth, first the sign of a stretching out in heaven, then the sign of the voice of a trumpet, and the third the resurrection of the dead, but not of all, but as it is said: The Lord shall come and all his saints with him. Then the world will see the Lord coming upon the clouds of heaven.

§ Barnabas 15.5:

Και κατεπαυσεν τη ημερα τη εβδομη. τουτο λεγει· Οταν ελθων ο υιος αυτου καταργησει τον καιρον του ανομου και κρινει τους ασεβεις και αλλαξει τον ηλιον και την σεληνην και τους αστερας, τοτε καλως καταπαυσεται εν τη ημερα τη εβδομη.

And he rested on the seventh day. He says this: When his son comes and abolishes the season of the lawless one and judges the irreligious and change the sun and the moon and the stars, then he shall rest well on the seventh day.