Matthew 6.14-15 = Mark 11.25-26.

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Notes and quotes.

§ Clement in 1 Clement 13.2:

Ουτως γαρ ειπεν· Ελεατε ινα ελεηθητε· αφιετε ινα αφεθη υμιν· ως ποιειτε, ουτω ποιηθησεται υμιν· ως διδοτε, ουτως δοθησεται υμιν· ως κρινετε, ουτως κριθησεσθε· ως χρηστευεσθε, ουτως χρηστευθησεται υμιν· ω μετρω μετρειτε, εν αυτω μετρηθησεται υμιν.

For thus he said: Show mercy that you might be shown mercy. Forgive that it might be forgiven you. As you do, so it will be done for you. As you give, so it will be given to you. As you judge, so you will be judged. As you show kindness, so kindness will be shown to you. With what measure you measure, by the same will it be measured to you.

§ Polycarp to the Philippians 6.2:

Ει ουν δεομεθα του κυριου ινα ημιν αφη, οφειλομεν και ημεις αφιεναι· απεναντι γαρ των του κυριου και θεου εσμεν οφθαλμων, και παντες δει παραστηναι τω βηματι του Χριχτου, και εκαστον υπερ εαυτου λογον δουναι.

If then we request the Lord to forgive us, we also ought to forgive; for we are before the eyes of the Lord and of God, and we must all stand at the judgment seat of Christ, and each must give word on his own behalf.