Watching from afar.

Matthew 27.55-56 = Mark 15.40-41 = Luke 23.49  (John 19.25-27).

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Notes and quotes.

§ I count the following agreements between Matthew and Luke against Mark:

  1. Matthew 27.55 and Luke 8.3 have αιτινες (who) where Mark 15.41 has the simpler αι (who).
  2. Matthew 27.55 and Luke 23.49 have απο της Γαλιλαιας (away from Galilee) where Mark 15.41 has εν τη Γαλιλαια (in Galilee).

§ The Dura-Europos fragment, possibly from the Diatessaron of Tatian:

  1. [Ζεβεδ]αιου και Σαλωμη κ[αι] αι γυναικες
  2. [εκ τω]ν ακολουθησαντων α[υ]τω [...] απο της
  3. [Γαλιλαι]ας ορωσαι τον στα[....] ην δε
  4. [η ημερ]α παρασκευη [....] σαββατον επεφω
  5. [σκεν. ο]ψιας δε γενομενης επι τ[η π]αρ[α
  6. [σκευη,] ο εστιν προσαββατον, προσ-
  7. [ηλθεν] ανθρωπος βουλευτη[ς υ]παρ-
  8. [χων α]πο Ερινμαθαια[ς], π[ο]λεως της
  9. [Ιουδαι]ας, ονομα Ιω[σηφ], α[γ]αθος δι-
  10. [καιος], ων μαθητης τ[ο]υ Ιη{σου}, κε-
  11. [κρυμ]μενος δε δια τον φοβον των
  12. [Ιουδαιω]ν, και ουτος προσεδεχετο
  13. [την] β[ασιλειαν] του θ{εο}υ· ουτος ουκ
  14. [ην συνκατατ]ιθεμεν[ο]ς τη β[ουλη....]
  1. [...of Zebed]ee and Salome a[nd] the women
  2. [from among] those who followed him from
  3. [Galil]ee to see the cr{....} And it was
  4. [the da]y of preparation [....] Sabbath was dawn-
  5. [ing.] And as it was becoming [l]ate on the prep-
  6. [aration,] which is before the sabbath, there came
  7. [up] a councilman [who]
  8. [came] from Erinmathaia, a city of
  9. [Jude]a, Jo[seph] by name, good, right-
  10. [eous,] who was a disciple of Je(sus), but in
  11. [hid]ing on account of fear of the
  12. [Jew]s, and this man was awaiting
  13. [the] k[ingdom] of G{o}d. This man was
  14. not [consent]ing to the c[ounsel....]