A great multitude (or great crowds).

Matthew 12.15-21 = Mark 3.7-12 = Luke 6.17c-19.

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Notes and quotes.

§ I note the following agreement between Matthew and Luke against Mark:

  • Matthew 12.15 and Luke 6.17 are not exactly parallel, but both find a parallel with Mark 3.7. Matthew has οχλοι πολλοι, Mark has πολυ πληθος, and Luke has both οχλος πολυς and πληθος πολυ.

§ Refer to Matthew 4.23-24 = Mark 1.39 = Luke 4.44 for parallels to this pericope.

§ This pericope is an example of a synoptic summary statement.

§ This pericope is also available in a somewhat different format in a file supplied by a correspondent of mine named Ovadyah, who has modified certain synopses by S. C. Carlson in order to take broad text types into account.