Housetop and field.

Matthew 24.17-18 = Mark 13.15-16 = Luke 17.31-32.

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Notes and quotes.

§ I note a single agreement between Matthew and Luke against Mark:

  • Matthew 24.18 has ο εν τω αγρω (the one in the field) and Luke 17.31 has ο εν αγρω (the one in [the] field) where Mark 13.16 has ο εις τον αγρον (the one at the field).

§ 1 Maccabees 2.28, speaking of Mattathias:

Και εφυγεν αυτος και οι υιοι αυτου εις τα ορη και εγκατελιπον οσα ειχον εν τη πολει.

And he himself and his sons fled to the hills and left behind as many things as they had in the city.