In the synagogues.

Matthew 4.23-25 = Mark 1.39 = Luke 4.44.

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Notes and quotes.

§ The contents of Matthew 4.24 find a parallel in Mark 1.32, 34 = Luke 4.40-41. I have, however, coded Matthew 4.24 as purely Matthean in my synopsis because Matthew 8.16 also parallels Mark 1.32, 34 = Luke 4.40-41, and belongs to the same pericope. An outdated version of this synopsis in which the cross-parallels are laid out is available.

§ There are no true agreements between Matthew and Luke against Mark in this pericope, as Matthew 4.25 and Luke 6.17 are handled elsewhere.

§ The content of Matthew 4.23, και περιηγεν εν ολη τη Γαλιλαια, διδασκων εν ταις συναγωγαις αυτων και κηρυσσων το ευαγγελιον της βασιλειας και θεραπευων πασαν νοσον και πασαν μαλακιαν εν τω λαω (and he was going around in the whole of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every ailment among the people) is reflected, of course, in Mark 1.39 = Luke 4.44, but also repeated and transposed to Matthew 9.35 = Mark 6.6b.

§ This pericope is an example of a synoptic summary statement.