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Texts in the original.

Jewish texts.

Παρακάλυψις (Hebrew Old Testament, Septuagint, Targum Onqelos, Mishnah, Tosefta, Jerusalem Talmud, Babylonian Talmud, Josephus, Philo).
Tanakh (the Hebrew scriptures) in pointed Hebrew Unicode (from Sacred Texts).
Old Testament in parallel Hebrew and English (Kata Pi).
Septuagint in parallel Greek and English (Kata Pi).
Septuagint in unaccented Symbol font, all lowercase.
Septuagint in unaccented Unicode, all lowercase (Bible Database).
Septuagint in accented Unicode (Russian site).
Bible, Judaism, Christianity via Google Book Search (University of Memphis).
Septuagint edited by Swete in scanned images on the CCEL.
Online Critical Pseudepigrapha, with Unicode versions of many of the pseudepigraphial texts.
Slavonic Pseudepigrapha Project.
Talmud in Hebrew images (E-Daf).
Jewish Texts (Bailystoker Synagogue).
Biblical Numismatics.
Mechon Mamre (Hebrew Bible, Targum Onqelos, Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmud).

Christian texts.

Παρακάλυψις (Greek New Testament, Latin Vulgate, Syriac Peshitta, Hebrew New Testament, apocryphal texts, patristic texts).
Patrologia Graeca (Migne) in Greek Unicode via .pdf files (directory available).
Skeptik texts in the original languages (lots of patristic texts).
Online Greek Bible (NT) in your choice of Symbol font, images, Athena, or Palatino Linotype.
New Testament in parallel Greek and English (Kata Pi).
Westcott-Hort NT text in unaccented Symbol font, all lowercase (University of Bremen).
Latin Vulgate (Sacred Texts).
Bible, Judaism, Christianity via Google Book Search (University of Memphis).
Latin Vulgate (Bible Database).
Four-Color Synopsis (Stephen Carlson).
HTML Bible in parallel format (textus receptus, Byzantine, Alexandrian, Vulgate, English translations).
Apostolic Fathers in accented Greek Unicode, Lake edition (Christian Classics Ethereal Library).
Apostolic Fathers Lookup Tool, parallel Greek and English with documentation (Rick Brannan).
Various Christian gospels, both canonical and noncanonical (Andrew Bernhard).
Gospel of Thomas in Coptic images (from Michael Grondin).
Gospel of Thomas in lineated Coptic with supralinear strokes (Peter Kirby).
Gospel of Thomas in versified Coptic (Peter Kirby).
Early Christian Writings.
TC Ebind Index (manuscript facsimiles).
Diatessaron according to codex Fuldensis (Sangallensis).
The Gelasian Decree (in Latin).
Focus on Augustine.
Christian Hospitality Archives (directory available).
Codices Electronici Ecclesiae Coloniensis.
Glossary to Tatian (E. Siever).
TJ Research (Jim Deardorff).
Archetype of Mark (James Snapp II).

Pagan texts.

Latin and Greek Authors on the Web.
The Latin Library.
Perseus (refer especially to Greek and Roman materials under the collections link).
Internet Archive.
Παρακάλυψις (Herodotus, Cicero, Livy, Tacitus, many others, including Dio Cassius fragments in Greek).
Greek Literature via Google Book Search (University of Memphis).
Latin Literature via Google Book Search (University of Memphis).
Library of Ancient (Greek) Texts Online.
Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum.
Oxyrhynchus Online.

Texts in translation.

Bible Gateway.
Blue Letter Bible.
Unbound Bible.
Five Gospel Parallels.
Works of Josephus.
Church Fathers.
Church Fathers mirror (Roger Pearse; much easier to search).
Talmud (Sacred Texts).
Talmud (Come and Hear).
Jesus of Nazareth in Early Christian Gospels (Andrew Bernhard).
Ancient History Sourcebook.
NT Lost Apocrypha.
Early Church Fathers, Additional Works (Roger Pearse).
Works of Tacitus (Church and Brodribb).
Internet Classics Archive.

Search sites and software.

Blue Letter Bible (online).
Interlinear Scripture Analyzer (download).
The e-Catena (Peter Kirby).
Mirrored e-Catena.

Studies and scholarship.

Jewish studies.

Early Jewish Writings (Peter Kirby).
Old Testament Gateway (Tabor College).
Josephus Homepage (G. J. Goldberg).

Christian studies.

Early Christian Writings (Peter Kirby).
Christian Origins (Peter Kirby).
New Testament Gateway (Mark Goodacre).
Synoptic Problem Home Page (Stephen Carlson; moving to a new address).
NT Canon (Glenn Davis).
Textual criticism and the endings of Mark (Jim Snapp II).
Textual Commentary on the Greek Gospels (Wieland Willker).
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts (Timothy Seid).
In the Word Ministries.
Bible and History.
BiBIL: Abbreviations of Journals.
Coptic Dictionary by W. E. Crum.
Daniel B. Wallace (articles).
Response to Top 20 Silences (Ted M.).
Foundations of Christianity.
Jesus, a Historical Reconstruction (Bernard Muller).
Bombaxo (Kevin P. Edgecomb).
Double Names.
K. C. Hanson (homepage).
Biblical Articles (Biblical Studies).
Early Church.
Jesus Puzzle (Earl Doherty).
Earl Doherty and the Jesus Myth (GakuseiDon).
NT Biblical Studies Articles.
Journal of Higher Criticism.
Church in History.
National Biblical Greek Exam.

Miscellaneous studies.

Scholarly Reprints.
Biblel Words — Phonetic Pronunciation.
Hanover Historical Texts Project.
Apollonius of Tyana and His Historicity (Maria Dzielska).
Notes on the History of Isopsephia (Gematria) (John Opsopaus).
Online Study Guide to the Three Theban Plays by Sophocles.


Amsterdam NT Blog (Jan Krans, Martin deBoer).
Ben Witherington (Ben Witherington).
Better Bibles (Wayne Leman, et alii).
Biblaridion (Bryan Cox).
Biblicalia (Kevin Edgecomb).
Busybody (Loren Rosson III).
Café Apocalypsis (Alan S. Bandy).
Chrisendom (Chris Tilling).
Christian Origins (Peter Kirby).
Claude Mariottini, Professor of Old Testament (Claude Mariottini).
Codex Blogspot (Tyler F. Williams).
Dilettante Exegete (Rick Sumner).
Dr. Cathey (Joseph Cathey).
Dr. Jim West (Jim West).
Earliest Christian History (James Crossley).
Early Church (Rob Bradshaw).
Euangelion (Michael F. Bird, Joel Willitts).
Evangelical Textual Criticism (Peter M. Head, et alii).
Hypotyposeis (Stephen Carlson).
Higgaion (Chris Heard).
James the Just (James Darlack).
Jesus Creed (Scot McKnight).
Jesus Dynasty (James Tabor).
Kaimoi (Ken Olson).
Kratistos Theophilos (Richard Anderson).
Laudator Temporis Acti (Michael Gilleland).
Magdalene Review (Lesa Bellevie).
Most Excellent Theophilus (Lee Dahn).
New Testament Gateway (Mark Goodacre).
Novum Testamentum (Brandon Wason).
PaleoJudaica (Jim Davila).
Philo of Alexandria (Torrey Seland, Kåre Fuglseth).
Primal Subversion (Sean du Toit).
Quixotic Infidel (Quixie).
Ralph the Sacred River (Ed Cook).
Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (Phil Harland).
Resurrection Dogmatics (Chris Peterson).
Richard Carrier Blogs (Richard Carrier).
Ricoblog (Rick Brannan).
Rogue Classicism (David Meadows).
Rose and Rock (Kevin Rosero).
Sansblogue (Tim Bulkeley).
Singing in the Reign (Michael Barber).
Source Theory (Tim Lewis).
Steven Carr (Steven Carr).
Stuff of Earth (Michael Pahl).
Sword (Michael Turton; dead blog).
Text Crit (Julian Jensen).
Thoughts on Antiquity (Chris Weimer, et alii*).
Vridar (Neil Godfrey).
Way of the Fathers (Mike Aquilina).

* My thanks to Chris for inviting me to post on his weblog.

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