The martyrdom of Polycarp.

Counted among the apostolic fathers.

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Martyrdom of Polycarp 1-22 (Greek only).
Skeptik (Greek only).
Christian Hospitality Archives: Martyrdom of Polycarp, very large file in .pdf (Greek only).
CCEL: Martyrdom of Polycarp (Greek only).
Early Christian Writings: Martyrdom of Polycarp (English only).

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Appendices of the martyrdom.

The account of the martyrdom of Polycarp of Smyrna, reckoned among the apostolic fathers, was written very shortly after his death, apparently by eyewitnesses. It was sent out from the church at Smyrna to the church at Philomelium in particular, but by its preface it was clearly meant as a circular letter for other churches, as well.


According to Bart Ehrman (on page 363 of volume 1 of the Loeb edition of the apostolic fathers) and Michael Holmes (on pages 132-133 of The Apostolic Fathers) the following manuscripts are extant for the martyrdom of Polycarp:

Atheniensis (a), century X, Greek.
Baroccianus (b), century XI, Greek.
Chalcensis (c), century XI, Greek.
Hierosolymitanus (h), century XI, Greek.
Mosquensis (m), century XIII, Greek.
Parisinus (p), century X, Greek.
Vindobonensis (v), century X or XI, Greek.
Latin version (L).
Armenian, Syriac, and Coptic versions, derived from Eusebius, who quotes the inscription, 1.1a, and 8.1-19.1a; he also paraphrases 2.2-7.3.