Ovadyah on the synoptic problem.

Synoptic and textual information.

A correspondent of mine named Ovadyah is gradually putting together his own synopses. He has also added a nice new twist inasmuch as his synopses include columns for the text of Bezae (D) in both Mark and Luke and the text of Washingtoniensis (W) in Mark.

You will have to have the Symbol font installed on your system to read these pages. The synopses so far are:

Jesus in the Capernaum synagogue.
Healing the mother-in-law of Simon; evening healings.
Departing from Capernaum; healing a leper.
Healing a paralytic.
Call of Levi; tax collectors and sinners.
Controversy over fasting.
Plucking grain on the sabbath.
Healing of a withered hand.
The relatives of Jesus (and with additional parallels).
Ministering to a great multitude.

Also on offer, a synopsis of papyrus Merton 51 and Luke 6.45-46; 7.29-30. (Refer also to my page on Papyrus Merton 51.)