The plot to kill Jesus.

Matthew 26.1-5, 14-16 = Mark 14.1-2, 10-11 = Luke 22.1-6  (John 11.45-53; 13.1-19).

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Notes and quotes.

§ I count the following agreements between Matthew and Luke against Mark:

  1. Matthew 26.14 has ο λεγομενος Ιουδας Ισξαριωτης (the one named Judas Iscariot), and Luke 22.3 has τον καλουμενον Ισξαριωτην (the one called Iscariot), but Mark 14.10 has only Ιουδας Ισξαριωθ (Judas Iscariot).
  2. Matthew 26.16 and Luke 22.6 each have ευκαιριαν (good season), but Mark 14.11 has ευκαιρως (seasonably).

§ The plot to kill Jesus is intercalated with the anointing of Jesus in Matthew and Mark.

§ The Shepherd of Hermas, Mandate 12.5.1:

Λεγω αυτω· Κυριε, ακουσον μου ολιγων ρηματων. λεγε, φησιν, ο βουλει. ο μεν ανθρωπος, φημι, προθυμος εστι τας εντολας του θεου φυλασσειν, και ουδεις εστιν ο μη αιτουμενος παρα του κυριου ινα ενδυναμωθη εν ταις εντολαις αυτου και υποταγη αυταις, αλλ ο διαβολος σκληρος εστι και καταδυναστευει αυτων.

I say to him: Lord, listen to a few of my words. Say what you wish, he says. Man is desirous, I say, to keep the commandments of God, and there is no one who does not ask of the Lord that he may be empowered in his commandments and submit to them, but the devil is hard, and he overpowers them.