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offers two tools, the TextCoder and the TextDoctor, that I have created as aids to presenting ancient texts on the web.

The following languages are currently available on these tools:

Take the free tutorial to learn how to use these text tools.


The TextCoder is designed to convert ancient texts from the various fonts in which they are written to Unicode, and then arrange those texts in block or in tabular form.

This tool will format a text all at once. You work on the text until you have it as you want it, then click a button or two, and the entire text is coded all together. The TextCoder produces a text all written in the same language, or in table columns each of which is written all in a single language.


The TextDoctor is designed to help create documents marked up in HTML, including passages converted from font to Unicode.

This tool will format a text one part at a time. You select which portions you wish to format, and the rest of the text is left alone until you choose to format it as well. The TextDoctor produces a text of mixed languages and HTML markup tags. It also provides a number of individual character buttons, each of which will show you its Unicode reference and name.


I am also pleased to offer TextUtilities, a list of tools designed to help with the business of preparing texts for the web, especially as touches the presentation of text.

Other miscellaneous tools.

Easy Ebook Creator.

This is the HTML compiler that I use to create my ebooks. You can find better or more comprehensive compilers on the market, but they can cost between $60.00 and $200.00. The Easy Ebook Creator costs only about $20.00, and offers most of the features available on the more expensive versions.

WebLock Pro.

I protect some of the pages on my site with a source code encrypter called WebLock Pro.

The instructions that accompany this software are easy enough to follow. One caveat, however, is very much in order. Make certain to back up each web page before you lock it. Once it is locked, you will be unable to access its code to modify it. You must keep an unlocked copy on your hard drive (I myself keep about three extra copies in various folders, and at least one extra copy on disk).

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